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Yes, there’s still more to write about food at Walt Disney World! I told you we ate a TON in the two weeklong visits we’ve had. It wouldn’t be complete without talking about the quick service (walk-up) dining and SNACKS. Snacking is my favorite part about Disney World! (Really, it’s my favorite part of every day.)

As if I haven’t gushed enough about desserts that we’ve had with our meals there are snacks to talk about too. I’ve already told you about the tasty Mickey brownie (and ice cream) that Grumpy found for me at Riverside Mill Food Court. But there are a lot more snacks to be found. Pretty much everywhere you find quick service restaurant or food cart you’re going to find some kind of goodies. Diva was partial to Mickey pretzels and Mickey lollipops. Peanut was more into popcorn. And they both loved Mickey ice cream! Everything tastes better when it’s shaped like Mickey!


That’s really the extent of pictures I have for this post. We’re usually too busy stuffing our face than taking pictures (but I’ll try to be better when we go back in October).

There were other snacks around like cotton candy, Mickey rice krispy treats, cupcakes, and so much more!  And on the first trip as we were leaving we stocked up on some to-go snack from the Emporium store before leaving. They were just pre-packaged candies–and not the best use of the credits. That’s how we learned better and used the few remaining last year to bring home the brownies instead!

Okay, now that we had dessert first I guess I can talk a little about actual food and Quick Service dining. If you’ve been following along you know that we’re pretty plain eaters. The kids ate a lot of chicken tenders during our trip. A lot. That’s pretty much all they order if we go out to eat too.

Refresher: here was the list of Quick Service locations I remember going to:

  • Art of Animation: Landscapes of Flavor Food Court
  • Port Orleans-Riverside: Riverside Mill Food Court
  • Magic Kingdom: Liberty Square Market
  • Magic Kingdom: Tortuga Tavern
  • Ecpot: Electric Umbrella
  • Epcot: Tangerine Cafe
  • Hollywood Studios: ABC Commissary
  • Animal Kingdom: Restaurantosaurus

You can find the food court reviews in the resort posts: Landscapes of Flavor Food Court and Riverside Mill Food Court. There’s something to be said for convenience. It’s easy to grab breakfast on your way to the bus or lunch/dinner on your way back.

ABC Commissary and Restaurantosaurus are both at the top of my list of favorites.

Restaurantosaurus is basically just safe food– burgers, fries, and chicken tenders, but they just seemed better here thank other places. And the dining areas weren’t overcrowed like some of the others.

ABC Commissary has combos! #1 this is a super deal on the dining plan and #2 is SO much food. Two meals feeds our whole family and has us full before we can even finish it all. Here’s a Google Image search “abc commissary ribs and chicken combo.” See what I mean! (Clearly, these aren’t all of the combo, but you get the picture.)


At Tortuga Tavern I didn’t eat, well except to pick at some French fires, but the kids each enjoyed a hot dog and Grumpy tried Disney’s Famous turkey leg. He says it doesn’t taste like turkey and is still to this day trying to figure out what it is. He thought it was great though.

Epcot has many locations that feature the specialty foods from the countries represented throughout World Showcase. In general, there’s not much appealing to us. Electric Umbrella was a safe option with the basics. It was an easy go-to location. (Note, it was recently announced that the menu has changed!)

I remember little about Liberty Square Market except wandering around trying to figure out how to use the dining plan. It was our first food stop, on the first trip, about 2 hours after arriving. I was so confused. I don’t even know if I actually had any food. I do remember it was set up like a market and even had fruit stands.

Tangerine Cafe. I was rather annoyed there. After ordering I waited, apparently in the wrong spot, over ten minutes for one little paper tray of chicken tenders. I was unacknowledged that entire time. Every time I tried to ask someone what was going on with my order they scurried away before I could even get words out. I finally caught a manager and that redirected me and found my food. It looked pretty horrible. They must have been edible because Peanut did not complain. I wouldn’t waste my time stopping in again.

So that’s where’s we’ve been! Now to plan where to next!


  1. It all looks great, the only thing you can’t do at these places is be on a diet!!!! love the mickey brownies with ice-cream and all the other sweet treats, shame about the service at Tangerine Cafe, that lets the side down I always thought the service there is meant to be really great

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