Disney Style

You’ve seen Disney pictures on this blog and all over the internet with cute matching Disney vacation apparel and witty wording. You may be thinking those people are crazy breaking the bank with the price of the vacation already (probably because you haven’t read this post) and then they’re throwing even more money out on clothes too. Call me cheap, but I definitely do an eye-roll when I see a $20 price tag  for adult shirts or $10 for the kids. While in reality, you only need shorts, tank tops, a t-shirt or two, and swimwear for your Disney vacation, but dressing in Disney style is part of the fun.

We pretty much have an outfit of the day (OOTD) during our trips and have extra clothes in case of accidents, spills, rain, and the inevitable sweat stains. It gets really hot, so dressing comfort and cool, but still looking a little Disney, is important for me. Then, the next thing on the priority list is cost.

I have a love-hate relationship with shopping, especially since my kids have arrived in this world and my time has become much more limited. Or, maybe it’s my patience that is more limited. Either way, I don’t have all day to be in the store comparing prices. That doesn’t mean I’ve given up. I spend plenty of time searching online.

In case you haven’t noticed you can find Disney apparel just about anywhere. All of the stores that you probably frequent carry it: Target, Walmart, Old Navy/GAP to name a few. Department like JCPenney, Sears, Macy’s, and Kohls often have a variety of options as well. And, of course, The Disney Store. I often grab items from the clearance rack in a size or two bigger than my kids are currently wearing if I happen to catch them during a regular shopping trip. Especially Target’s $2-5 deals! What a steal!

One of my favorite places to shop is Amazon. My cart is filled to the brim with merchandise. A good chunk of it is Disney apparel. I watch changes e and buy it when it’s at an optimal price. Sometimes I get really lucky. Diva wore the Cinderella dress below on our first trip. I loved it so much I put the larger sizes in my cart and bought another one for $6!


Diva and I have it made when looking for Disney styles. For girls and women, there are mauishirtsclothes to be found just about anywhere we turn our heads. Men still have some options out there. Mainly in the form of t-shirts. But man, dressing a little boy once they grow out of toddler sizes is a really tough task! While Peanut loves Mickey it’s often hard to find much more for that. Here’s where I really use my Amazon skills, but I also check out JCPenney for Kohl’s and find shirts with a little more variety. Most of these tend to be priced about 7 to $10.

Last summer The Disney Store released a few tank tops for the whole family. The options are fairly limited still, but at least they are finally available. Before this, my solution has been to purchase t-shirts and have them altered. My mother-in-law turned these Maui tees to tanks to help keep my guys cool as the Florida temps soared into the 90s.

One of my favorite Disney shirts for myself was a gift from my mom since I don’t tend to splurge on myself. She caught me looking at this one on Etsy a few too many times and ended up telling me to buy it as my birthday present. Two of my faves: Tink and Starbucks! Thanks, Mom! (And Etsy Seller VinylsWithCharacter)

pixiedust shirt

Speaking of Etsy, I was able to purchase iron-on decals to make this awesome “Disney Diva” shirt for our trip. It almost doesn’t fit anymore but she loves wearing it even at home. I found the yellow shirt for $4 on Amazon. (Etsy seller: Greyhoundgraphic, now merged with BranchBirds)


Etsy has a ton of options for custom shirts for the whole family. Or you can check with your local print shop. I had a local designer do the words “I’m Working On My Roar” and press on these cheap store-bought tank tops and then I used printable fabric transfer paper to add images for a day in Animal Kingdom.


Grumpy bought me a Cricut for my birthday last year so now I’m finally able to create my own designs. I’ve already started working on a few for fall! You’ll have to keep following to see what they might be.

Diva, by far, has the best style options! She is my little fashionista after all so it’s only fitting. Dresses, skirts, shirts, shorts, sets. You name it they have it for toddler girls, little girls, and even big girls. She’s had her share of adorableness throughout our trips, like this comfy dress to wear on a blazing hot day at Hollywood Studios.


And we rocked our matching Mommy & Me princess skirts, made by my mother-in-law, paired with a simple black tank top to visit Epcot.


We also tried “Disneybounding,” a term that’s used for people who wear clothing that is in a similar style to the character but not a costume. It’s usually much more comfortable than a costume as well. Diva wore a Snow White-inspired dress made by my mother-in-law. It was simply a $2 tank top from Old Navy, a little fabric for the skirt, edging, and a button. I coordinated with her by wearing a pair of navy shorts and a yellow tank top that has been in my drawer for years. It was very simple but still very Disney style.


The boys generally end up in tees or tanks if we find or make them. They aren’t so lucky to have the selection we do, but we still find ways to coordinate like when we all wore Lion King/Lion Guard clothing at Animal Kingdom. Peanut’s shirt was actually a long-sleeved shirt that was altered into a this comfy, cool tank. Thank god, I know people who can sew!


And of course, there is the one time we all wore matching shirts. Let me tell you how much Grumpy loved that. He’s a good sport about it though.



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