Today’s post is much more of an invitation than a blog. I’ve been so busy with the end of the school year and then we immediately left on vacation (not to Disney) so I haven’t finished rounding up my thoughts into anything coherent and ready to share. That means today, I want you to share with me!

Last week I found a hashtag that had NEVER been used. I was pretty surprised since it wasn’t anything special: #DisneyPhotoFriday. It also seemed like a fun way to interact in the social media universe.

This week I’m challenging you to share a photo from your favorite Disney pool. Head over to Instagram and share your picture using #DisneyPhotoFriday.

You can also comment on my Facebook and Twitter accounts and comment on the posts with your photo.

This picture featured in my photo challenge post was taken at Port Orleans Riverside. It’s actually a clip from a video of my son taking his one, and only, ride down on their pool slide. He said it was fun until he was dunked under the water at the end.


I hope you’ll play along! And follow my Instagram account to check out a new challenge each Friday!

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