Magical Extras: Harmony Barber Shop

Disney is full of magic, but there are lots of opportunities to add magical extras to your stay. We’ve taken advantage of few of the extras including, Harmony Barber Shop, Pirate’s League, and a Carriage Ride at Port Orleans Riverside.

The Harmony Barber Shop is a cute little shop located in the corner on Main Street. It is actually super tiny and easy to miss. In fact, we never noticed it on our first trip, even though I knew it was there. Diva’s hair was finally getting long enough for her first haircut as we approached our second trip in May 2017 so I looked into the first haircut package and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was only $25. I picked up the phone as soon I figured out where I wanted to fit in our scheduled and booked an appointment for both her and Peanut. I was a little nervous about getting her haircut so I put it at the end of the trip in case I hated it and needed to take her to the salon at home to get it fixed.


There was no reason to be nervous. It was just a trim and it turned out adorable. But before we talk about that, let’s talk about the price and what you get. At home in Ohio, we have Snip-Its, a hair salon that specializes in children’s haircuts and offers a first haircut package that includes a picture, a certificate, and of course the coveted first lock of hair, at a price of $24.98. (Snip-Its is located in several other states as well.) Disney’s price is a whopping two cents more expensive and includes the certificate, First Haircut Mickey Mouse Ears, and the lock of hair. Similar Ears in the parks will run about $15, without any embroidered personalization or comments.

Harmony certificate.jpgHarmony certificate1.jpg

We arrived with the kids already a little worn out from the heat of the morning. Diva’s hair was quite wind-blown from our multiple rides on the Barnstormer, a whirl in the teacups, and one trip one Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.


We were taken care of right as we arrived for our scheduled appointment with no waiting. The kids were each given spinning entertainers to occupy them. Peanut really didn’t need his but he liked playing with it anyway.


The stylists were fantastic with the kids and quick to get the cuts done before the kids get antsy. I even watched how great they were the kid just over one getting his hair cut in the last available chair in the Shop.

At the end of the cut, both kids were topped off with a ton of pixie dust (read: glitter).


The pixie dust was everywhere the rest of the day. We even went for a swim at the resort before the Magical Express picked us up to go home and I still found glitter on the airplane seat as we arrived home from Diva’s hair.

Peanut’s cut was a slightly pricier cut than at home, but not entirely unreasonable. Kids’ haircut price was $19. He came out looking just as handsome as ever. He refused to look for the picture below and his hair was already a mess from swimming in the pool and trying to get all his pixie dust out. He wasn’t a fan.


This is one of Disney’s reasonably priced extras, especially for the First Haircut Package. If you’re looking for something fun to do but not a lot of extra investment and also not a huge time commitment the Barber Shop is a quick, fun, and simple add-on to include in your plan.


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