Arrival and Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Another trip in the books and another one (for me) is already scheduled… and soon!

In my last post I mentioned this trip was short, and boy, did it feel that way but we accomplished so much! In our five park days we visited Magic Kingdom every day, except one, focused on food in Epcot, hit our favorites in Hollywood Studios, quickly peeked at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and spent a very short few hours at Animal Kingdom. We did manage to squeeze a full evening into our plans to enjoy Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party too!

Our arrival was scheduled for very late in the evening. Since it was an add-on day it was timed was so no one missed an extra day at school or work. It worked out perfectly for those purposes, but was much more exhausting than our very early AM arrivals.

The only only flights for the departure time had connections. It was moving on time until after we boarded we sat on the runway for an unknown reason. This delay made our connection very tight. Thankfully, Southwest Airlines held our plane. My guess is because it was the last of the night and at least a dozen more people were making the same connection.

We landed in Orlando at 11:35PM only 10 minutes later than scheduled. My hopes had been to arrive at our resort before 1AM. We missed that mark just slightly arriving at 1:11AM.

Magical Express was great, as usual. The bus was actually waiting when we arrived at the booth and we left within a few minutes of boarding. We did have to pick up our luggage due to the time we arrived. I don’t really feel like it delayed us, even though it seemed to take a while. If we had to wait for a bus, I might feel otherwise. We have been very spoiled by the convenience of the luggage service and definitely missed it this time.

My plan was to fall into the bed and sleep until whenever we woke up. If you have a child and remember any time they took a cat nap and woke up completely wired, well you can imagine how my kids were. It was like the nap during the second plane ride had them ready to party!

Sometime after 2AM, after lots of giggles, a few complaints about the room temperature (thanks to Grumpy for turning it to freezing!), and the kids finally deciding who would sleep on the daybed we all drifted off to sleep.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

I truly did not form an opinion of this resort. Barely eight hours after arrive, we were packed up and stepping into an elevator to drop off our bags and head to Magic Kingdom!

If we hadn’t taken pictures the only thing I’d really be able to tell you about our room was it’s BIG! I did love the size and space that we had even if we didn’t need it just for sleeping. The size is one of the benefits of the deluxe room. We were able to shove our luggage in a space out of the way and everyone could get ready for bed in their own spaces too.

The beds seemed comfy from what I recall… but I was so tired I would have a slept anyway.

My favorite feature was double sinks in the bathroom!! Yes, it’s the silly little things like this that get me excited! Also, the bathroom have a private area separating the toilet from the rest of the space.

The room was missing a balcony, which after looking at the building is the norm in the South Garden Wing where we stayed. I was a bit disappointed not to have it. There was a sliding glass door we could open to enjoy the view. The lower portion of the opening was blocked by metal barriers. The lake view was gorgeous with the sun still low in the sky just before 8AM.

Our only major issue on the property was the size of the elevators in the our building. We found an elevator just inside one of the side entrances to the building when we arrived. It was very tiny and had just enough room to fit the four of us and luggage. When we left in the morning we figured we would go somewhere more central in the building and found another elevator located off a very nice second floor lobby area. The family already waiting there was complaining about the size of the elevators in the building as they had just let another group load and go on their way. When the elevator came back they left and we waited one more time to board.

We did not check out any of the restaurants, pool, or other amenities on the property. I glanced at the pool, but only under lights as we walked to our room when we arrived and I looked inside The Wave restaurant, which I’ve been hearing great things about their breakfast and really need to add to our list of places to dine.

The walk to Magic Kingdom was unbeatable! In under 20 minutes we had left our room (and waited for the elevator), dropped off our luggage for transfer to Disney’s Pop Century Resort, completed bag check (a HUGE time-saver since it’s on the walkway and not crowded), and made it into Magic Kingdom to begin our fun!

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  1. I know what you mean about the elevator size. We have the same use at Poly. Thankfully we usually stay at Bay Lake Tower and since it’s newer the elevators are bigger. The walkway to MK is probably the best perk. Glad you were able to experience it t!

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