Trip Report: Magic Kingdom Day 4 (2016)

Magic Kingdom Day 4: April 16, 2016

It was our last day of our very first trip.

It was a sad day.

We had to go home today. Our bags were already packed we just needed to clean up some stuff we needed overnight and for the morning.

We’re trying to make it for the entire Welcome Show today. There’s morning Extra Magic Hours. We got a really early start. Dropped the luggage at airline check-in. Waited for the bus. We watched the board for the bus arrival time. It delays a few minutes.

I just want to see the Welcome Show!

Finally. It’s here. But the driver has news. There’s a race so we have to take the long way. It’s the really long way. Soooo close, but not quite there. We walk up mid-show this time. Sigh. Oh well.

It was also our first try at morning extra magic hours at Magic Kingdom. So many things accomplished. Almost no lines. Ride the Barnstormer. As we pulling to loading/unloading are my daughter is yelling “Do more! Do more!” There is nobody in line. I looked to the Cast Member and asked if we can ride again. She nodded and away we went two more times.

Watch the video on YouTube

Ride Buzz… at least three times. Speedway. Teacups. Under the Sea. Use a Rider Swap for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Ride the Carousel five times. In a row. We don’t even have to get off here either.

We had our last meal planned for brunch at Chef Mickey’s so we left even though everyone was having so much fun. After eating we came back around noon and for the very first time in the entire trip it felt CROWDED. Very crowded. It was suddenly hard to manage the stroller.

My son asked to meet Buzz. I found the line. It was long, but so was everything else. My daughter was full of food and ready to nap so she and my husband found a shady spot to wait. The line for Buzz was worth the wait. My son took his Buzz Lightyear toy we had purchased in the park (it was only $1 more than ordering from Amazon Prime for delivery to the hotel). The two goofed around for awhile. Buzz sent laser beams into the crowd. We didn’t know at that moment the day was over, but it was. And this was a perfect ending.

As we walked away from meeting with Buzz it was apparent the crowds were growing. The lines would be miserable for anything the kids wanted to ride. It’s time to go.

I was sad as we walked down Main Street for the last time. A little teary as we walked under the train station. We have just a little longer we can stay before we need to get back for Magical Express.

But no, it’s not going to work with the crowds. My daughter never fell asleep. She wasn’t going to work with the crowds.

Out we go. Bye Magic Kingdom. We’re not even gone and I’m ready to come back.

Thumbs up to an awesome trip. Thumbs down for it ending so quickly.

Credit: Photopass

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