We’re Going to Walt Disney World!

Our bags are packed and today is finally the day we leave for Walt Disney World!

The kids are watching airplanes to pass their time until boarding.

If all goes well we’ll arrive at our resort around 1:00pm and head straight to Magic Kingdom where we’ll have our first experience at the Haunted Mansion– if none of us chicken out first. We’re also going to meet the neighbors and their family. We were able to find a reservation THIS week for all eleven of us to eat at Whispering Canyon– a meal I’ve been looking forward to eating since before our 2017 trip!

The week ahead is planned with lots of family time and fun. You probably won’t see any new blog posts until some time after our return and I catch up on life. But you can follow along with the Disney fun on my Instagram and Twitter accounts! Maybe I’ll finally figure out how to do Instagram stories.



For now, it’s off to see Mickey, celebrate my Diva turning five, maybe do some celebrating for my own birthday, and discover some of Disney’s new offerings.

See ya real soon!


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