The Short Story

We spent nine days at Walt Disney World and I have a lot to say about it, but I’ll start with the short version before breaking down our days, resorts, and dining. The trip was awesome! We had so much fun with each other, with friends, and even made some new friends along the way.

If you followed on Instagram you caught little snip-its of the trip in my stories. I do not love stories. In fact, I barely even like them. It’s mainly because I’m not a fan of information having limited availability and making people think they need to be married to social media or they will miss something. Luckily, I figured out how to make a “highlight” with the 90 pictures/videos I shared through the course of the trip.

Park hoppers made planning different this time. I had previously expressed that I felt it was harder deciding when to make those first three fast passes and I stand by that statement. At the same time, it did allow us to spend some time on 7 out of the 9 days of our trip in my favorite park, Magic Kingdom, of course! They also let us visit all four parks in one day! MUCH more to come in another post. It was a very fun celebration for my little Diva.

I haven’t even taken time to count how many new things we did on this trip, but it was definitely a lot. So many rides! And I survived the Tower of Terror– twice! I actually laughed and so did Diva. Peanut wasn’t exactly at a fan. Diva actually called it “Tower of Terry” and is still asking when the next time she can ride it again.


The food. OMG– we ate so much food. And it was so, so good! I would actually return to every single restaurant we visited on this trip. Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival fed us some not-really-lunch-food treats for lunch one day. Being a family of picky and particular eaters it wasn’t a big draw for us but we did find enjoy our choices.


We originally were set to stay at Beach Club Villas for the trip, but for discount purposes we ended with a three-room split stay. Our arrival took us to the Yacht Club, midway through we switched a Beach Club Studio Villa, then the last night was a surprise for Diva, Peanut, and Grumpy in a pirate room at Caribbean Beach Resort. I’m not a fan of moving during the trip and it was frustrating with our dining plan, but the look on Peanut’s face when he walked in the room was worth it and so much more!

The last major highlight from the trip was Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. I can not write how much I loved it. I only wish there was more time. There are so many exclusives at the party. Our priority was to meet the Seven Dwarfs so it was the first thing we did. I don’t think my grumpy husband has ever been so happy about something at Disney.


We still haven’t made it to Disney Springs. We didn’t get to ride Test Track as a family, or actually at all this trip. We didn’t get all fancy with the many walls of Disney (so don’t go looking for any perfect Instagram pics). We were supposed to take a second ride on Kilimanjaro Safari but never made it back. I’m sure there are other things that we didn’t do, but the only regret is not coming back with an annual pass. I had tried to prepare Grumpy for this purchase but couldn’t get any agreement until we were leaving on the Tragical Express. It was already too late. BUT, he admitted he had fun, which he asked me not to tell anyone. (You better believe I’m telling everyone!) He also said we’re going back, though we sadly do not have a return date to report at this time.

So, more to come soon. If there’s something you’re dying to know about the trip leave me a comment or send me a message through social media. I’ll be sure to answer and include it in an upcoming post.


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