Trip Report: A Leisurely Day at Epcot

There was no rushing for us on Day 4 of our trip. We had a big day on Monday celebrating Diva’s birthday and planned to go to the Halloween party in the late afternoon. No alarms were set and the curtains were drawn completely closed to keep out every ray of light. I finally heard the kids start shuffling in their beds around 7:45. This is sleeping in for them. Both of my kids are known to wake up most days between 6:30 and 7:00 so anything later is a blessing, especially at home on weekends. 

We walked to the Ale & Compass Market in our pjs and grabbed breakfast. It was a leisurely morning eating on the patio. 

Fastpasses were scheduled for Epcot and lunch was booked at Garden Grill. It was supposed to be a chance for Peanut and me to ride Mission Space for the first time. We were taking it easy and weren’t going to make it. We were a bit bummed, but not devastated. 

About 90 minutes before our dining reservations we made our way to Epcot. Yesterday had proven that the walk is very quick and we had no reason to rush.  Wait times around the park were low. We took a ride on the Seas with Nemo, checked out the aquarium, and watch the diver for a while after the ride. 

Our next FastPass was a family ride on Soarin’. It was booked up to 5 minutes before our lunch reservation. We entered the line with almost a half hour to go before the reservation. There was never a notice of the ride being interrupted, but the FastPass line was a bit long and stalled a few times. Peanut loved every second of the ride just as much as we had last year. It was Diva’s first time to ride. It was so funny to listen her reactions as we nearly soared into buildings and mountains and get so excited when Tink appeared at Epcot. If it wasn’t time for lunch and the line was a bit shorter we may have hopped back in for a second turn. 

The short stalling of the line made us arrive for lunch five minutes late. Disney is generally pretty good if you’re running behind and five minutes isn’t really that late. We had a short wait before getting seated. It was an incredibly entertaining meal thanks to our server, Bob. (More on the meal once I write up a dining post.) He had us laughing the entire time. Diva couldn’t stop giggling when he brought out her birthday treat. 

As we wrapped up our meal the kids had pool time on their mind. We causally strolled through Epcot taking some pictures and do just a tad of exploring in the countries along our route back to the International Gateway. 

We left the park to relax at the pool before getting in costume for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! 


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