Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

There were two major highlights planned for our October 2018 trip. The first was celebrating Diva’s birthday park hopping and the second was Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  It’s a little funny to be writing up our Halloween experience with Christmas right around the corner. I’ve been admiring all of Disney’s amazing Christmas decorations and special offerings all over social media, yet I still remember the excitement of getting dressed for the Halloween party, the smiles and laughs we shared, and the TWELVE POUNDS of candy we amassed throughout the course of the evening.

Tickets to the party allowed access to Magic Kingdom beginning at 4:00pm, however, we had park hopper tickets so I had hoped to get there a little earlier and check out a ride or two. Since we had been so very laid back in the morning at Epcot and some pool time I knew we would not arrive much before other party guests. It was actually about 3:30 when we got ourselves dressed and out to the bus stop. 

Once at Magic Kingdom, we made our way through security, secured our party wristband, and then decided we since we would take time out right away to get the special PhotoPass picture in front of the train station. That night there was a slightly irritated photographer. The family in front of us wanted several different shots of the parents, the kids, the whole family. He seemed more interested in moving the line and actually complained to us about them. We took two quick family shots and we could come back later if we wanted more and time permitted. Looking back and at others pictures, I wish we had waited until after dark, but I still am happy with the result. 

We stopped for some more pictures as we made our way into the park. 

And most importantly to get our treat or treat bags and the first treats we’d collect throughout the evening. Grumpy was impressed by the “good” candy selection. I had to let him know that candy is sponsored by Mars. (I’m much more of a Hershey girl though.)

The party hadn’t even started and there was so much to do between passing security and the path to Tomorrowland. We had a mission though, so we made our way beyond all the greetings and photo ops and marched to Storybook Circus. It was 4:45pm when we got to the line for the Seven Dwarfs. We were the ninth group that arrived for this special meet and greet. The line was currently waiting outside the circus tent. 

We got cozy on the ground for a few minutes before Peanut and I made a snack run and took a quick flight on Dumbo. We returned and munched on the snacks while I rechecked some of the planning information I’d previously saved. I ran through our plan for the rest of the evening with everyone. 

As most reports I had read mentioned the Dwarfs arrived earlier than the party’s official start time. We were in the circus tent at 5:25pm. The next forty-five minutes were filled with family selfies, games of tic tac toe on the phone and many rounds of rock, paper, scissors. Cast members started milling around and everyone in line that had been sitting stood up. The line got tighter as everyone peered to watch the doorway. The Dwarfs arrived at 6:16pm. Less than twenty minutes later Grumpy and Grumpy finally met. I do wish the PhotoPass photographer had been taking some pictures of it, but he waited until we were posed and ready. We have two of the exact same picture and none of the hugs shared or silliness between Diva and the Dwarfs.

The next part of our plan took us clear across the park to find the Aladdin characters in Adventureland. I peeked around Storybook Circus before we left the area to see if any other characters happened to be starting their meetings just a bit early, but no such luck. I wasn’t expecting them to be there, but who you never know. We had plenty of time before the 7pm start time when the characters would be arriving so we stopped for a few pictures along the way.

Jafar had a very short line. We entered the line at 6:55pm, Jafar arrived 1 minute before 7pm, we met him and stepped over to the line to meet Aladdin and Abu at 7:04pm. Both meetings were really fun. Peanut teased Jafar with the magic lamp, a piece he specifically told me was required to needed to complete his costume. Again Photopass photographers didn’t capture it, but this time I was ready and managed to grab some pictures. They have some blur, but they captured the memory for us.

Aladdin and Abu took just a bit longer to meet, just over 20 minutes. Abu was a pretty wise monkey! He opened the lamp to find Genie which Peanut had made out of blue construction paper and stuffed had stuffed inside. He also came up with a really adorable pose for a picture with us all holding the lamp. He was the best of the night!

We immediately returned to the same queue since Jasmine and Genie would be swapping in soon. The kids wanted to ride the Magic Carpets. Grumpy held our place while I walked right on with the kids for one flight. They enjoyed being able to spot him in the line from high above. 

We could see Jasmine at Genie in the meeting area, but I was watching the time and was getting concerned that they would swap again before we made it to the front of the line. I chatted with the cast member standing near us and she estimated that it would very close as well. Rather than wait for them we made two trick or treat stops and then finally met Mickey Mouse at Town Square

I had prepared the kids that Mickey “lost his voice,” but it was still a bit disappointing for the whole family not to be greeted by “Well, hello their folks!” However, Mickey looked sharp in his Halloween gear. 

Now it was decision time. I was still waffling whether we would watch the parade from Frontierland or Main Street. A family poll resulted in Main Street as the winner. We wander through the Confectionary to load up on snacks before staking out a spot on the curb along Main Street at 8:37pm.

I know we lost some time by watching the first parade and getting the spot so early but I wasn’t confident we would make it to the second parade. There was so much more to do.  We snacked until Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde arrived to dance and entertain the kids before the actual parade made it near us. Diva joined in their dancing while Peanut preferred to sit on the sideline. 

Watch the full 10 minute video (not entire parade) on my YouTube channel

As the parade ended I remembered the drawback of watching towards the front of Main Street: navigating back through the crowd.  Many were heading towards the front of the park while we were making our way back in. We cut sharp left back towards Adventureland, stopped to trick or treat again at the Jungle Cruise and then checked out the meeting lines. Genie and Jasmine were out, the line was long, and it was almost time for another swap. We’ll try one more time after Hallowishes. 

First another stop at the Jungle Cruise trick or treat station just because there is no line and then we find an okay spot for Hallowishes. Holy amazing fireworks! We are so spoiled by Disney fireworks.

We made one last pass through Adventureland to check out the line and who was meeting and the line length. It was too long and we choose to give up our pursuit of meeting Jasmine and Genie. That didn’t stop us from picking up more candy at Tortuga Tavern (again). 

Peanut and Diva took a second to pose with the special effects lighting reflecting the party logo while I checked out some of the wait times around the park.

While passing through Frontierland we spotted the Cadaver Dans and the the Country Bears.

Peter Pan’s Flight had posted fifteen-minute wait so it was an easy choice to get in line. We waited just less than the posted time. It was our first ever view of the standby queue for the ride and it was amazing! The details of the children’s bedrooms and the interactive shadow projections were so captivating. We actually thought the line moved a little too fast and we didn’t get to enjoy it enough. 

At this point, Grumpy had learned to identify the trick or treat stations from a distance and navigated us straight to the Philharmagic quickly followed by Pinocchio Village Haus and Ariel’s Grotto as we made our way back to Storybook Circus for the dance party. It was virtually empty. Timon and Vampirina danced around with less than ten kids. Diva and Peanut spent a few minutes dancing but were soon ready to move on. 

When in Storybook Circus they must ride the Barnstormer! Grumpy didn’t want to ride so it was Peanut’s first time to ride on his own. (Riders must be 7 to sit alone.) 

The video is mostly dark, but kids commentary is funny. Diva keeps checking on Peanut.

The night was nearing an end and we hoped to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. The line had a twenty-five minute wait which would put us right at the end of the party. It seemed like a great way to end the night. It was also our first time in this standby queue. The gems and barrels of gems all around occupied the kids. Just as soon as we passed the most entertaining part of the queue the line stopped moving. Then came the announcement that there is a delay. A few people scurried out of line but we wanted to give it a chance. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before they said the ride was closed. 

It was 11:57 when we dispursed from the mine to get the stroller. Both kids asked to ride the teacups. We had only a few minutes to be in line so I ran with them through the park. The three of us laughing as we darted into non-existent line as they closed the loading door. We made it and would ride on the last ride of the evening. 

When we exited we found Grumpy waiting. He had our trick or treat bags filled. He said a Cast Member was walking by with a barrel of candy yelling “Happy Halloween” and dumping armfuls of candy at anyone with capacity. 

It’s after midnight and we were heading for the exit, but not before catching a glimpse of the Hocus Pocus Villians Spectacular on the Castle’s stage.

There was a lot of weaving in and out of Adventureland when we could have been exploring more, but we had nothing but fun all evening. The party was filled with as much magic as it advertises. It was after 12:30 when we left the park and I kept thinking I wish I could attend one more party during our trip to fit in even more fun.

The night was amazing! 

And in case you were wondering, here’s what 12lbs of candy looks like all bagged together! 


  1. Fantastic family costumes…so creative! We do usually try and watch the second parade to help navigate the crowds and take advantage of ride time (my kids are ride junkies!). It’s harder with little ones though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Making the costumes was so fun! I wish I would have known they would for sure be bouncing off the walls at midnight. LOL We probably would have caught the second parade if I could have guaranteed it.


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