A Mini Blog with Updates

In February I was so excited to post my one year anniversary blog and promised I was continuing with this blog. Then a little over a month ago I published a new post and disappeared. Those of you that are personal friends or following along on Instagram saw a post I shared on April 2nd with the very sad news that my mom had passed away. This was very unexpected and obviously a difficult time for me and all of my family.

Life has been very crazy since then. I’ve looked at some of the notes on posts that I intended to write and words just haven’t been coming. My head is slowly coming out of a fog and I do plan on picking on those posts and more. I’d also like to know what topics you would like to see. In the works I have posts about PhotoPass and Memory Maker, the dining plan, a little bio updates/our newest favorites in the parks, and I even asked the Grumpy Husband to write a post. Yikes, that one could be scary.

Exciting news about me…

You may have noticed some footers at the end of the most recent blog posts. In February, at the urging of some friends I applied to contract with a travel agency, Royal Treatment Travel. My specialty is obviously in Disney Destinations, however, I can book travel to any other vacation destinations. Through my amazing network of friends and family I’ve been off to a great start.

Here’s my little piece of marketing: Visit my Facebook page or email me at nikki@royaltreatmenttravel.com. I love talking travel…and especially Disney!

Exciting news for our whole family!

We’re going back to Walt Disney World!

I’ve been keeping a little secret. Back in January when Disney released the free dining promotion I booked a trip. It was a trip that I wasn’t certain would actually come to fruition. I played around with dates and was wowed by the prices (Free food for a family of four?! Yes, PLEASE!) and found a trip that arrives on our 11th wedding anniversary. (I love planning trips around a celebration. It always makes for a good excuse to go.)

So this trip is in September. It’s right after school starts back and I highly debated pulling the kids out that early in the year. I also wasn’t sure with some of our other vacations planned if this would really fit into the our schedule. After joining the travel agency I was pretty convinced the trip was on. After the sad news about my mom, now I’m sure of it. We need a getaway to Disney.

I’ll share more about the trip and some plans in upcoming posts. But, sshhhh– the kids still don’t know about it!

Don’t forget

Leave a comment on this post to tell me what you want to hear about. I write a lot for myself to document, but I love sharing and have had such sweet comments about how information in the posts has been useful.

Finally, thanks for being patient as I get back to writing. I hope to have my next post up in early May.

As an agent with Royal Treatment Travel I offer free planning services when you book your Walt Disney World vacation with me! Request a quote now!

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