More About Memory Maker

I mentioned many times throughout this blog my love for Disney’s Memory Maker and PhotoPass service. I even wrote a post early in the life of the blog to talk about it. I could write it over and over again. It’s still the one completely non-negotiable piece of our Walt Disney World vacation package every single trip. In fact, I don’t even think about not including it because it’s an amazing supplement to my own-picture taking.

Our most recent trip was no exception to our rule. The photos that are added to our MyDisneyExperience account continue to capture moments that I would be unable to capture on my own since the PhotoPass photographers are perfectly position to capture those first moments and final hugs.

Look at that face ready to meet Mickey in his Halloween outfit!

He couldn’t wait to see Goofy!
Hugs from Timon!
A favorite from the past!

It’s Not Perfect

I do admit just like everything in life that there can sometimes be mishaps with PhotoPass. We had a few more this trip than in the past. We had picture off-center, some in the dark, missing photos, and someone else’s photos.

While it was slightly disappointing to see these pictures– or not for the missing ones– it’s such a small percent of the over 3,000 PhotoPass pictures that we’ve accumulated in our three visits.

Disney was also incredibly responsive to my “missing photos report.”

The report form allowed me to enter as much detail as I could remember about the date, time, and location. It also had an upload option so I could add a picture of what we were wearing that day to help with locating our images.

I did give a few days for the pictures to show up even though I had another family’s already linked in my account. I received updates about the ongoing search for pictures and when they were found I had a direct link to the pictures and a new expiration for downloading.

New Magic Shots

Disney is constantly adding new options to all services in the parks and PhotoPass isn’t left out. New frames and magic shots are regularly offered. The kids were super excited to see that Kion from The Lion Guard show up in our photos.

I loved every magic shot available during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!

Ride Photos

We love to reload MyDisneyExperience after a ride on an attraction that snaps your picture usually in the blink of an eye. We aren’t very good at preparing for the flash and so often have pretty comical pictures– like me fixing my hair on Tower of Terror or apparently enjoying the breeze on Space Mountain. I really have no idea what that look is about, but Peanut’s face and the guy behind me makes this picture amazing!

Peanut seriously looks terrified in some of the pictures. He’s really not though. Well, except on our first Tower of Terror ride, but we were hidden behind people and difficult to see.

One of our family favorite rides is Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. It’s the only ride that has two different angles for pictures and has a video too!

No trip is complete without a family picture at Cinderella’s Castle and no Memory Maker collection would be complete without Tinker Bell sprinkling some pixie dust! When you get both in one picture it’s just perfect– even if one of the kids doesn’t open their eyes.

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  1. We really never took full advantage of memory maker but now that we’re AP holders and it’s included in the price, we use it so much. I honestly couldn’t imagine not having it now.

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  2. Wow!!….Combination of fun adventure and everything required for a cool trip…amazed to know about your love for disney. Do spend some time on my blog if you think it’s worth it.

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  3. I love the memory maker, I only really took full advantage of it back in 2017, but this year I’m going to get my photo taken everywhere!! 😁 xxx


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