Trip Report: The Last Day

The last day, well I should say the last park day, of the trip is always tough. This was a short trip and most of us were not ready to leave. We woke up to the news of the next day’s “Tragical” (definitely not Magical) Express ride to the airport.

I glanced at it and then out the door the we went to soak up the sites around Magic Kingdom one more time. We walked in to performances already talking places along Main Street and the ever-so-beautiful Castle!

We took just a few moments to take it in before wandering into an empty Adventureland and Frontierland. We rode Aladdin’s Magic Carpets and Jungle Cruise with no wait. It was so empty I was able to take this picture that I love of our shadows as we walked around.

Everything was at a pretty leisurely pace as we enjoyed a few rides– and tried to go on Splash Mountain with a FastPass+ but it shut down. We tried going to visit Tom Sawyer Island but it wasn’t open until 11am. Instead we stopped for the first time at the Shootin’ Arcade. I never know if it’s the kids or my Grumpy husband having more fun playing games.

We stopped at Gaston’s Tavern for the popular cinnamon roll. It was another first for us. For every one else, actually. Cinnamon is something I can have, but I’ve been informed that it was very delicious. They gobbled up what they could, but said it was way too big. If you are a cinnamon lover, my family gave it a big thumbs up.

Next stop, family picture time! Sometimes they give me a lot of eye rolls for this, but there were only a few this time since some of the pictures involved the train. There’s no climbing despite my children’s pleading with the Cast Member at the train station. Of course, we be at the train station and not get a picture with Main Street and the Castle in the background. Or just the gorgeous view of Main Street.

It was another scorching hot day, with the temperature approaching the mid 80’s pretty early in the day but we had lunch planned at Be Our Guest to cool off. We always have a lunch here and I almost forgot to book it this time. It was about 3 months out when I realized it and I searched to find a reservation for any day. It worked out perfect on the last day. We love this meal and never have complaints about it. How can we when it end with the grey stuff!

After lunch was a FastPass+ on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

The temperatures were continuing to creep up. Peanut was requesting the pool. It didn’t sound like a bad idea. I just had one more think I’d been waiting to try and there finally wasn’t a line. I needed the Maleficent ice cream cone from Storybook Treats! Although I’m pretty picky, lime sherbet is one of the things I love and I loved this snack! So did my little Peanut, so he actually ate most of it.

I wasn’t certain we’d make it back any again later in the day, but I thought we had an amazing few hours at the park. We relaxed and explored while enjoying a few rides, lots of food, and taking in the magic.

Someone else thought otherwise. My poor little Diva did not want to leave Magic Kingdom. She actually cried because she knew we’d be going home. It wsa so sad. The video still makes me tear up, so here are some still pictures.

Luckily, she dozed on the bus and was much better once we got back to the room and she could play in the pool. We spent almost 2 hours at the pool. It may have been our longest pool break yet. The heat made it easy not to want to leave the water.

The two hours after the pool weren’t nearly as fun since we needed to pack up. We also cleaned up and got ready for one last exciting meal. Here’s your clue as to where we were headed to dinner…

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  1. It’s so hard knowing it’s the last time at the park but sounds like you all had a fun day. I loved that Maleficent cone too. So refreshing! Glad you got pool time in. Now you see why we do it almost every day now!!

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