Happily Ever After Dessert Party

YUM! From the minute I booked this dessert party I couldn’t wait to be there and indulge. Okay, the truth is I was excited from the moment I starting thinking about booking it!

I did have one problem though. My problem centered around deciding which the dessert party because there were two, well, really three options. The main dilemma for me was whether to choose the Plaza Garden Viewing option or the seated option at on the terrace area at Tomorrowland Terrace. The option not considered was the after fireworks desserts.

I debated for a long time. I read blogs, looked for pictures, asked a friend who has sat on the terrace, polled my family, and thought over and over the decision. I originally decided to go with the terrace option, but then I reviewed all the options one more time and decided to switch to the Plaza Garden. I was still wishy-washy after my choice.

So, what is the difference? If we had remained at the restaurant we would have been seated as mentioned on the terrace. We would have remained at our seats for the desserts and viewing. In my exhaustive review of the videos and photos this gives more of a side view of the projections and fireworks. It would provide a very direct view of Tinker Bell flying from the Castle. Ultimately, I wanted a more direct view of the projections because we had not watched the show from the front of the Castle during our prior trip. That meant after having our fill of desserts (is there such a thing?) we would move from our table to a reserved section of the Plaza Garden to sit/stand and watch.

The scheduled start time was 7:30pm. We were taking pictures around 7:20pm at the Purple Wall and realized they were already checking in guests. The photo session stopped so the desserts could begin! We were given wristbands and then shown to our reserved table.

Everything was buffet style, including our drinks. We set our belongings down and headed straight to check out the selection. There were so many choices. Initially I thought there were three areas of food– desserts, fruit/fruit-based desserts and cheese, and a cupcake table/ice cream snack area. It turned out there was a fourth, a s’mores station that was a little offset from the rest. There was a separate table with sparkling apple cider and then dispensers with water, milk, and a few other beverages.

Our first trip included one plate each overflowing with desserts!

There were many return trips to the main tables before we stopped at the cupcake decorating table.

At one point Peanut had filled three plates! He even ate the majority of the food he had piled on too.

As I was filling up, Grumpy and Diva returned from another trip to the buffet with the S’mores. I’m not one to turn down s’mores so I took a bite. These were OK, but I didn’t love them.

My favorites from the night: cheesecake brownie and the cookies n’ cream push pop. It seemed like it was filled with the grey stuff and I could have just had an entire bowl of this dessert!

About 8:30pm we were pretty filled up on sugar. We were escorted to the viewing area which is roped off and the wristband is required for access. Multiple cast members were nearby and checking each person before allowing admission.

The area was full, but not in an overcrowded way like the areas outside in front of the castle. We were able to sit, even lie down on the grass.

There was even a PhotoPass photographer taking pictures with the a sign for the dessert party. The boys weren’t interested.

Once the show started everyone stood up. We were in the middle of the section and if we had been done earlier could have been at the front of the area for slightly better viewing. I did let the kids go up to the gate so they weren’t straining to see around adults and the few children that were hoisted on shoulders.

The view was good, however, I was a bit disappointed by the fixtures directly in front of the viewing area. The prior even we had watched the fireworks at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party from slightly closer and with no obstructions. The light in the middle all of my pictures did get a little obnoxious.

That said, we did have a direct view of the Castle and could very clearly see the projections. The show was just as amazing as always. The best part was having some space to move around a little bit. It was much more comfortable in the private space. I’d definitely do it again, just arrive a little earlier for desserts or possibly even consider the after fireworks party!

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  1. Thank you for posting about your experience. We were just talking about booking it but trying to figure out the difference between the choices and what would be better. That’s a bummer about that light but still great shots!


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