Lighting up the Disney Skies – An Update

As I was posting on Instagram I realized that my Disney Fireworks blog post, Lighting Up the Disney Skies, was a little outdated. I have a LOT more fireworks photos since my post written 2 years ago. While this is a public blog, it’s also my personal journal and scrapbook, so what better place to add some more of pictures one of my most favorite things see at Disney.

I really enjoying watching the fireworks and while I have tons of photos and videos I’m not generally looking at what I’m shooting. I just rapidly tap the shutter to capture the images. All images are taken on my cell phone (2018 and 2019 a Samsung 9) or screenshots from the videos taken with the phone. My husband live streamed Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party fireworks to my Facebook page in September 2019.

Not So Spooky Spectacular

The Halloween show was updated in 2019 and it was incredible! Our viewing spot for that year’s also allowed me to take the amazing photos below! Our viewing of the 2018 version was somewhat obstructed, but you can check out the details of that party here with some pictures from the fireworks.

Epcot Forever

In my last post I also shared the video below. Epcot Forever is an interim show that debuted last fall replacing Illuminations. Epcot Forever is scheduled to be replaced some time in 2020 with a new long-term show, Harmonious.

Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular

Over at Hollywood Studios, the fireworks show also had some changes since we enjoyed them in 2016. The change was to a much more heavily projected showed featuring a Star Wars battle playing out on the Chinese Theater and surrounding buildings. There are much longer breaks in the pyrotechnics than I remembered in the prior show. I only have a few photos from this show and they aren’t the best.

Happily Ever After

There is no question Happily Ever After is my absolute favorite show! I could watch this every night. From the first beat of music to the last I love every second of it. The projections on the Castle are stunning and really add to the show, but I can watch from anywhere in or around Magic Kingdom and still fully enjoy it.

Rapunzel’s Lantern area remains the prettiest for viewing.

Near the Peoplemover and Space Mountain is very quiet.

Outside the park is nice for a quick escape to transportation.

Watching from the resorts is another less crowded option though really only convenient if you are staying at the resort or have parked your own transportation. Again, you won’t see the projections but you’ll hear the music playing through speakers around the lake viewing areas.

For a while, these beautiful displays will be absent from the Disney skies, but I have no doubt when the return they will wow me and the rest of the audience in the same ways they always have and maybe even more. I look forward to the day these light shine brightly. Until then, I’ll keep looking back on these pictures and videos!

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