Trip Report: Magic Kingdom Day 2 (2016)

** Rapid posting today: 3 recaps of Magic Kingdom days coming next post at 3PM, then 6PM **

During our first trip in 2016 we made visited Magic Kingdom four days. Arrival and departure days and then two back to be days in between. See our arrival day visit info here: Trip Report: How It All Started.

Magic Kingdom day 2: April 13, 2016

This day was originally intended to be our first at the Magic Kingdom, but when we added an extra day to our trip we were able to go on our arrival day. That really helped to better understand the layout of the park and have a more enjoyable visit when we arrived for a full day.

First we tried to see the Welcome Show at the Train Station (now discontinued). As much as I wanted to be there on time we had a 14-hour day at Hollywood Studios the day before so we were lucky to be arriving for the countdown to open the park.

Today our plan was “head right” at the Castle. Rode drop was great. We rode Tomorrowland Speedway and Buzz because my son had already become obsessed with it. When went to Fantasyland and were able to do so much– we rode Barnstormer, Dumbo, met Minnie & Daisy then Donald & Goofy, rode the Carousel, and Under the Sea. We were making so much progress but got delayed trying to meet Ariel. It said 5 minute wait. We stood in the same spot for 15 minutes. Then finally another 20 minutes later finally made it to her.

It was now time for a FastPass+ for me and my son to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. My daughter had other plans. She cried as I walked away. It’s so hard when both children want you. Ultimately after a one or two minute back and forth my husband just tried to whisk her away. My son and I got on the ride. We were both pumped! It was awesome! We both loved it.

Credit: Disney

Thankfully when we met up with my husband and daughter she wasn’t crying anymore! They were gifted a small ice cream cone by a Cast Member because “there is no crying at Disney.” It was a sweet surprise for both of them! Back to the Carousel for another ride before lunch at Be Our Guest.

This was another WOW moment for me! Now I was IN a castle. It wasn’t Cinderella’s, but it was a castle. Walking into the Beast’s Castle was breathtaking. I still haven’t been able to capture a great picture of it so you’ll just have to trust me. It’s beautiful. I was able get the obligatory picture in front of the stained glass. I was so, so, so happy that we pre-ordered our food for this meal. The line for those that didn’t pre-order was longer than all of the lines we had been to earlier in the day, even Ariel. We picked a seat and magically our food found us. Yes, that is right. The food arrived just arrived. Without a waiter stopping at our table to take any information. It just rolled out on a lunch cart. And it was exactly what we had selected. Completely customized to meet each one of our picky-eating habits. (It’s really just the magic of the Magic Band– but it’s still cool.)


After lunch we had a FastPass+ to meet Elsa & Anna. There was a slight delay in the line but it was still fast enough. Gaston is meeting by the Tavern. Let’s say hi! We were a tad early for our FastPass+ for Enchanted Tales with Belle so we chilled in the shade for a few minutes until the Cast Member at the line waved us to come in. Another really cool experience. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how they open the passageway. Each of the kids had a small part in the show. My son was Phillipe and my daughter the salt shaker. She really just marched around the room during “Be Our Guest.” It was still cute.

Time for a break! We had done so much. It was about 2:00PM. The little one fell asleep on the bus ride back and napped for a bit. My son just wanted to go to the pool. It was a long, relaxing break. We ate dinner at the hotel and then back to Magic Kingdom for the evening.

It was now a little after 7:00PM. We got on the bus and I checked for FastPass+ availability. Buzz is available. Looks like we’re riding again. There was a slight problem though. The skies were cloudy and a light rain had started. Rain! I had been to Florida before and I know it doesn’t (usually) rain forever. I had heard good things about the parks in the rain. We’re going to do this. It’s not going to ruin our night. We walked onto Main Street and it started to pour. Stop! Ponchos on. Cover the stroller. Keep moving. Guess what– everyone else is walking out. We made it to the stroller parking near Buzz.


It was time to stay undercover until a slight break in the downpour then RUN across the way to Buzz. Scan in and book next a FastPass+ for Winnie the Pooh (though really not necessary). Walking to Winnie the Pooh was easy. It was just a light drizzle now. Book the next on at Under the Sea. Ride the carousel again.

Somewhere between these rides we came to the realization– WE ARE COMING BACK TO DISNEY! This isn’t a once in a lifetime trip. It isn’t even done, but we know we’re coming back. Besides, you can’t take one kid for their 5th birthday and not the other.

Now let’s find place to watch Wishes fireworks. We choose behind the Castle because I had heard it wasn’t so crowded. It wasn’t but I felt like that there was a lot of looking different directions. Regardless watching it from inside the park rather than at he bus station was much better.


And then the kids were done!


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