Magical Malfunction

I love being at Disney World. My kids love being there. My Grumpy husband, well, sometimes he might like it a little bit, but that’s hard for him to admit. There’s a lot of great things about Disney World. We’ve had a lot of fun and excitement, but it doesn’t mean every moment was perfect.

I can’t sit here and write a blog and pretend like there weren’t some hiccups along the way. Or that just because we were at Disney my kids turned into angels and listened to every word I said. Let’s face it, they’re really cute, but they don’t always listen to me and they have meltdowns when we’re at home. It’s no different when we’re at Disney. So don’t fool yourself.

In case you missed it there was a meltdown over a map at Epcot. Diva grunted at Chip (or maybe Dale) when he tried to cheer her up. Peanut cried on stage at Jedi Training.  It happens. And there’s photo evidence to prove it.



I mentioned in the reflections on a first visit post that every child cries at Disney. I don’t care that it’s the “Happiest Place On Earth.” They still cry. It’s actually comforting as a parent when you see it happening to someone else. You finally realize you’re not alone. Remember that if you haven’t gone. And if you don’t remember that my child cried, remember that Drew Barrymore’s did! I originally made my comment in a Facebook group in April 2016 and then she shared her story of her daughter’s meltdown in February 2017. It really does happen to everyone.

It got frustrating sometimes, but that’s life as a parent. Besides, I had my own mini-meltdown. No, I didn’t kick and cry, but I was a little pouty that we didn’t ditch our plans for our second Epcot day in 2016 and go to Magic Kingdom instead. And Grumpy was  grumpy most of our 2017 trip because he wasn’t ready to be back.

So ‘tudes can get in the way, but what else?


Nothing is more disappointing at Disney World than to be in line for a ride when it gets shut down. Especially when your kid is pumped about it or it’s the one everyone has been waiting to go on. Worse than a shut down in line, you could need to be evacuated from the ride. I watched people walk down the side of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. That was a scary event to witness. Luckily for Peanut and me we just sat inside the last part of the Splash Mountain before the exit. It was a long 15 minutes so we entertained ourselves by taking selfies.



There’s the weather. That’s really in no one’s control, but the weather has an effect on everything. Heat can make anyone cranky. So that just circles right back to the top and the meltdowns, crying, and bad attitudes all around. Disney World is in Florida. It’s hot and humid there quite often. That combo can be rough.

There’s rain in Florida too. I remember from vacationing on the beach as a child that it rains daily in the summer afternoons. I don’t lump rain into the category of “bad” because I liked watching many people exit the parks. That means shorter lines for us. But hot+humid+rain can get a bit uncomfortable. And it does a number on the hair too.


Oh, in case you didn’t know. You walk a lot. Unlike the kids that are riding around in the stroller the adults are walking almost constantly. I have my FitBit mainly for sleep tracking, but I checked out the step counts while on vacation. (Side note: I did more steps in Las Vegas than I did at Disney!)


I did the walking path by my house for a few months (on nice days) before our trips. It was no help. The walking was hard on my feet and my body. In 2016 I got a blister on the bottom of my foot! I was wearing my old, comfortable tennis shoes. I didn’t expect that to happen. I’ve never had it happen before. But, I bandaged up my foot and away we walked some more.


That’s right. People. You. Me. The kids. Cast Members. Anybody and everybody. All of the factors above have some kind of impact on how people behave. Aside from the kids, we get tired, hot, and cranky. So do Cast Members (probably because of the cranky guests). Even though it’s their job to make everything magical sometimes they miss. Like front desk Cast Member greeted us at Art of Animation, said the room wasn’t ready, handed me our First Visit buttons, pointed me to the food court and then was on to the next guest. I was left feeling lost and confused. He wasn’t rude. He just wasn’t helpful.

Even though it’s Disney you’re likely to find a cranky guest daily or even many times a day. I try to avoid them, but sometimes I have been that person. I’ve been hot and lost. Confused and frustrated. It happens. That’s usually about the time I realize we need a time out. If the kids, Grumpy, or I are at the point of our meltdowns we need a break.

In the end our vacations have been amazing, despite hiccups, meltdowns, ride malfunctions, missing planned activities, frizzy hair, sweating, crowds, lines, walking, and body aches. It’s because we made it awesome! I still love it and I’m counting the days until we can do it all over again!


  1. Love this! Look at how many steps you did! I don’t have children yet but can’t wait for the day I do so I can take them to WDW!! Sad I’m not going back this year xx

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