Party Report: It’s Really Not So Scary!

Attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party for the second year in our was not in our original plans for this visit. That was until I saw the new fireworks and pictures of all the pumpkins, costumes, and treats. Then I was itching to go. It wasn’t until the last minute– well, by last minute I mean while we were sitting at the airport waiting to board our plane– that I purchased our tickets. Don’t worry though, I had packed some themed Disney-bounding clothes that would easily double as costumes for attendance. (Though costumes are not a requirement.)

The prior year, the plan was to see as many unique characters as we could. This time there was little plan other than to watch the fireworks, see the parade, take advantage of the hopefully low crowds and wait times to ride everything. I would say we were pretty successful.

If you’ve been following the blog you have probably learned that we have a hard time with “rest” when we’re at the parks. We really try to make the most of our time. So Diva and I had already visited three parks, while the boys made it to two with us on the morning of the Party. We did manage to sneak in the shortest of naps before getting ready.

We were all set to arrive at Magic Kingdom a little before 6pm, but pretty much everyone else at our resort had the same idea and we needed to wait for a second bus to accommodate us. It wasn’t too long and we arrive at the Magic Kingdom bus terminal just a couple minutes after my planned time. And the second we stepped off the bus the sky opened up and let out a pretty significant down-pouring of rain. Needless to say, we remained at the bus terminal!

We waited for it to slow enough to get to bag check and into the park by 6:30pm. The rain had displaced most of the PhotoPass photographers, but we happened to run into one new the Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant that said the should be back out shortly since the skies were clearing. We took some of our own pictures along the way, bought Diva a balloon that she’d been begging for, and then it was time to party!

We made our first trick or treat stop on our way into Frontierland. In just 20 minutes we road Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain. Most of that time was spent on the Splash Mountain ride.

Now it was time for something we hadn’t done– check out the Haunted Mansion during the Party. It made it extra fun because I met up with one of my sweet friends, Juana, and her family to ride and with members from Royal Treatment Travel, after exiting the attraction. We all spent time together watching the hilarity on the lawn. My little Peanut was actually understanding some the jokes and have the best time. We could have stayed there much longer, but decided to grab a snack and a spot for the parade.

The plan for the parade was to watch from Frontierland, where it starts, rather than Main Street where it ends and arrives much later. We found just enough space for two of our families to fit with a great view. My only disappointment was due to the rain the Headless Horseman did not ride in front of the parade this time. I was fairly certain that would be the case and even mentioned it as we had been waiting at the bus terminal for the rain to clear. It didn’t matter. It was super entertaining and I had the song stuck in my head all night. (Okay, truthfully, I was already singing it when we were on our way to the park.)

My next move was not my smartest, but we needed a PhotoPass Magic Shot with the Headless Horseman in front of the Train Station. I wanted to get there before the end of the party when the line could be incredibly long with everyone else grabbing the photo on their way out. Main Street was pretty crowded since the parade had just passed through. We took my favorite shortcut (through the Emporium) to avoid some of the crowds. There was a line, but it wasn’t too long. We definitely looked like the rain and humidity got to us in the picture, but I like it much better at night than the one we took last year when we first arrived at the party and it was still daylight. The moon looks so much cooler on the night sky!


We stopped for a snack at The Confectionery on our way back into the park and then rested at a perfect viewing spot directly in front of the Castle. It was time to chill out to watch fireworks. My husband took care of live-streaming the entire show on my business page.

After the fireworks we needed some real food. Snacks were not cutting it anymore and we had procrastinated on dinner. I placed a mobile order for Cosmic Ray’s which not only had dinner but a trick-or-treat station as well. The kids made sure to go through the line twice.

They also couldn’t be right next to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin with no line and not ride.We had decided to start going to as many trick-or-treat stations as possible, but were distracted by the teacups.

After our ride we cut back across the park to go trick-or-treat in Adventureland. We made two rounds at the Jungle Cruise station and the I stopped as were passing the Tiki Room, Moana’s meet and greet stop. I didn’t see a line. I thought I must be missing something, but when I chatted with the Cast Member she assured me it was “no more than a 10 minute wait.” We walked inside. THERE WAS ONE GROUP IN FRONT OF US! This was unheard of! And amazing! Moana can only be met at the parties and typically has very long waits.

Next, Tortuga Tavern trick or treat times two! Then at the Country Bears Diamond Horseshoe, Mickey’s Philharmagic (times two again!), and Pinocchio’s Village Haus.

We were starting to push our party time to max. It was 11:55pm and the kids and I really wanted to go on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. The three of us dropped all our trick or treat bags in the stroller and did our fastest walking (there’s no running at Disney!) to the ride. We made it in line just in time. Now, here we just hoped there wasn’t a shutdown like last year. We made our way through the queue and successfully on the ride! It was a fun way to end the night.

My husband made his way through several more trick or treat stops while we were riding and succeeded in meeting his goal of getting more candy than the prior year. This time over 14lbs!

One last picture before we left!

It was a perfect night. I was so glad I bought the tickets before we left. I absolutely love seeing the special activities that we can’t see any other time. I wish I could go to the party year after year!

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