Trip Report: Our Kind of “Rest” Day

We took day four of our trip as a day to rest, but only a little. It’s really impossible for us not to be in the parks. It had been pretty late when we returned to the room, washed up, and fell into bed so we slept in. Since my kids are horrible at sleeping our “late” wake up was around 8:00am. That is actually very late in our house.

My husband tried to pretend he was sleeping and even pulled the blanket over his head. The kids were just interested in what was going on outside the room. So after as much procrastinating as we could do we got out bed. I placed a mobile order for breakfast and Diva and headed to the food court to pick it up.

Resting meant a few hours at the pool while the laundry was washing since Grumpy hates to bring dirty laundry back home. We also took some time to watch the Skyliner gliding over the lake and wish that they would do some preview rides!

It was time to rinse off the pool water. We grabbed a quick snack. The cupcakes were so hard to choose from so we went with two.

Then finally it was time to catch a bus to the parks! Where were we heading though?

Hollywood Studios!

We three early afternoon FastPass+ selections for Frozen Sing-A-Long, Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, and Slinky Dog Dash. The only thing that was a priority was making it to Slinky Dog Dash but we arrived in time to do all three! The Frozen Sing-A-Long was a good place to start because it was really hot outside. As we stood in the FastPass line Grumpy made every attempt not to move forward until he could be in the next shaded spot. Inside, he and Diva took a nap in the cool air before the show started. She was in love with it once the cast took the stage!

Even though Indiana Jones was going to be shaded it was still going to be hot. We hoped for a breeze. I placed a mobile order to grab some light food and icy strawberry lemonade slushies– my favorite– from ABC Commissary and sent the rest of the family off to find a seat. I admittedly booked our FastPasses very close together not even knowing if we’d use them. I grabbed the food and drinks and found the family with three minutes to spare before showtime. The slushies were refreshing and the ice cold cups had the kids fighting over who could hold it rather than drink it.

We watched the entire show, but I think I’m ready for a refresh it even though the kids really enjoy the excitement and explosions every time.

Today was supposed to be the first time we visited Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but Diva and I already had our sneak peak the day before so we acted as tour guides for the boys. We spent less than thirty minutes walking around and then we more than ready to move on.

Straight into Toy Story Land! We watched the Green Army Patrol as we made moved towards our Slinky Dog Dash FastPass. We absolutely love riding this coaster. I think it’s the one everyone can agree never gets old.

Next on the plan was to go to Magic Kingdom, but Diva was requesting Tower of Terror. The posted wait was only 20 minutes so we went to the line and as we stopped behind a crowd of people I realized we had already used our last FastPass. I checked and sure enough there was a FastPass available 5 minutes from the current time. Grumpy joked about my “rookie” mistake forgetting to check for a new FastPass after Slinky. We walked out of the line and waited just a minute then scanned in for our FastPass+. In the FastPasss line we walked passed the entire queue we’d just been standing in.

The pretzel stand at the exit of the ride was enticing for the kids asked for another snack and while we were eating the gates near the ride opened up. A Cast Member waved for anyone around to come back and we found Minnie and Pluto waiting for guests to say hi!

Now I was really ready to get to Magic Kingdom. I had big plans for the night. Plans I’d been waiting on the entire trip. We were finally going to the Happily Ever After Fireworks Dessert Party! We arrived an hour before check-in time and made it an opportunity to take a few pictures around the park.

Stay tuned for all the details on the dessert party!

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